Risk & Stress Management

The professional approach of an airline pilot & elite freediver applied to business in calculating risks and managing stress

The Deepest

Man on Earth

Herbert's motivational life-story about competition freediving, fun freediving, training and ocean conservation


from the Abyss

About No Limit freediving; the deepest dive to 253m/831ft, the accident, being wheelchair bound and fighting back to being fit again

How to be Better

than the


Achieving anything in life and in business & using innovative ways to out-perform the competition.

Ocean Conservation

Why the ocean's habitats and marine life matter.

Why conservation of the seven seas are important for our and our ocean's future

Medical Science of Freediving

Understanding the body's physiology  to push physical boundaries and influence its systems and functions

Freediver Herbert Nitsch
Freediver Herbert Nitsch
Freediver Herbert Nitsch

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Freediver Herbert Nitsch

33 x World Records   No Limit dive to 253.2m / 830.8 ft

Herbert provides professional, visually enhanced, exciting educational lectures and motivational speeches adapted to each audience utilizing modern multi media features. Herbert individualizes each of his in-depth presentations, whether lecturing for hyperbaric or pulmonary physicians, investment groups, banks, airlines, business wo/men, pharmaceutical companies, company venues, cruise ship passengers, fellow sportsmen or university students.

Having mastered all of the free diving disciplines, and having set world records in all (an accomplishment undefeated until now), Herbert understands what it takes to self-motivate and succeed regardless of the circumstances and environment.

Herbert has overcome severe physical challenges related to decompression sickness after his last world record of June 6th, 2012. He knows like no other how to remain a believer in oneself and how to achieve one’s objectives. Herbert relates to audiences how to fulfill goals and dreams, and how to never give up on these, as the impossible is truly possible.

As a freediver Herbert is known to be an independent thinker, pioneer and innovator. His background as airline pilot and yachtsman add to his ability to “think out of the box” and to pursue a route that differs from the norm.

Herbert shares how to book results in areas none have ventured before. He learned that by taking and weighing calculated risks, one can achieve extraordinary goals while maintaining a high regard for safety and security.

Managing stress is one of the most important factors in achieving exceptional results. Herbert recognized how this mechanism works within the human body and mind, and is able to communicate these skills to either a large audience or to a smaller group.



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